Questions & Answers

Q: What is a typical motorcycle tour day?


A: We first ride and have breakfast around 8:00 AM and discuss the day’s ride. We briefly cover the route, riding conditions and group riding hand signals. “Kick Stands Up” at 8:00 AM but we will make a brief stop along the way for gas and bathroom breaks. We will ride and seeing the wonderful sights and break for lunch. After lunch we will ride more enjoying even more scenery until we reach our daily destination.


Q: How many miles will we cover on a motorcycle tour day?


A: We like to keep our days around 250-300 miles/402km-482km. We have found after many motorcycle tours we average about 30 MPH/48KPH over the course of a day between bathroom breaks, gas stops and sight seeing. 250-300 miles/402km-482km, averages to be an 8 hour day.


Q: How do I prepare for a motorcycle tour with Bike Week Motorcycle Tours?


A: While our typical riding day is about 250-300 miles/402km-482km., riding an average of 250 miles/402km. for multiple days can be physically demanding. Staying in motels, eating in restaurants, staying up later than normal can contribute to not getting a good nights rest. The effects of the lack of sleep are cumulative and after several days you can become very fatigued. We recommend that you get as much sleep as possible prior to and during the tour. We recommend that you get into riding shape prior to the tour. Try riding as much as possible to become accustomed to a full day of riding. Lastly, mentally prepare yourself to have a good time. We try our best to make sure you have a great riding experience but sometimes other factors such as weather can affect that. Less than perfect weather can create challenges but can also create special memories that will last a lifetime.


Q: What will be the accommodations be like during the motorcycle tour?


A: We like to choose places to stay that are clean, comfortable, secure, quiet and bike friendly establishments. We always choose a nice mix of luxury,  and history, with some fun,  focusing on properties that are representative of the region we are riding in. Depending on the Ride you sign up for some nights will be in a Motor home/RV usually at the Rally. 

You may stay in a 5 Star hotel in downtown one night, then be sleeping in a historic Route 66 motel the next night. Or you may spend one night in a Las Vegas Strip resort then spend the next night in a mountainside lodge outside Yosemite National Park.

Our goal is to make your trip as comfortable and as satisfying with the accommodations we choose.


Q: What should I bring for an enjoyable motorcycle tour?


A: Look at the suggested packing list that we send you when you sign up. Make sure you watch the weather for the tour to have an idea of what to wear. I like to bring clothing that can be worn in layers in case it becomes colder than expected. I always bring my rain gear, chaps and polypropylene long underwear just in case the weather turns cold unexpectedly. You can store your extra gear in our support vehicle that follows us along the routes.


Q: What types of places will we stop for lunch?


A: We like to stop at places that are “off the beaten path”, that have great food and are biker friendly, and local establishments. I can assure you that we will not be stopping at McDonalds!


Q: Can I have a beer, wine cooler, or mixed drink when we stop for lunch?


A: Absolutely not! If you drink alcoholic beverages during the day’s ride you will be asked to leave the tour and you will not be given a refund. You can drink if you like after the day’s ride is finished. Drinks are not included in the tour cost.


Q: I am a newer rider and have limited group-riding experience.

How are we going to ride so I will be comfortable riding in a group?


A: We do many things to make everyone as comfortable with group riding as possible. First, in our pre-ride orientation we will cover how we will ride as a group and group riding hand signals. We will follow established group riding practices and we will not ride above the abilities of any riders in the group. It is our objective to have a safe enjoyable ride so it is imperative that everyone in the group follow the group riding procedures and use group riding hand signals. A copy of the group riding practices and hand signals will be in your Tour Book provided.


Q: How do you create the routes and will we be doing any riding on the interstates?


A: The routes are created from hours of studying maps, travel brochures, travel articles, and map routing software. I look for the “road less traveled” but I also look for routes that are safe with good paved surfaces that are free from construction. I use the web to get updates on road construction so we can avoid the area if possible. I try to avoid interstate roads but sometimes that is the only choice so we will use them as sparingly as possible. We will also make route changes if we think we can enhance the riding experience.


Q: What if my motorcycle breaks down?


A: We understand that everything mechanical can break especially ones with hundreds of moving parts like a motorcycle. We have an extra motorcycle in tow by our support vehicle just for such situations. We swap out your broken bike and provide you with our "Back-up Bike" until we get your original bike fixed or replaced.


Q: What if it is raining during a motorcycle tour day?


A: We ride rain or shine. We will adjust our riding style and we may adjust the route but rain is just something we riders have to deal with. We will not ride if there is a possibility of icy or dangerous conditions. In the rare event we must cancel a ride because of weather we will do our best to reschedule your tour.


Q: Can our group ride on my own?


A: Yes; you can ride on your own if you wish. We will provide everyone route sheets for the day so if you want to go off on your own you can. You will be responsible for your own meals if you do not eat with the group on tours where meals are provided.


Q: What happens if someone has an accident or an emergency illness on the tour?


A: We understand that accidents can happen and that people can get sick on a tour. Your health and safety are our primary goals on all our tours. All Bike Week Motorcycle Tour staff are required to be certified in First Aid, CPR and first responder trained. We will handle any accident as the conditions warrant and get proper emergency assistance if needed. All tour guides carry first aid kits and are prepared to use them if necessary. We have had experience in dealing with riders that get ill during a tour. We try to make ourselves aware of any medical conditions you or your passenger may have when you fill out your application. If you medical conditions change prior to the tour please let us know so we can respond should changes in your health occur.


Q: What happens if I book a motorcycle tour that includes a rental motorcycle and the rental dealer will not allow me to ride?


A: Rental motorcycles are the property of the rental operator and they will determine if you are able to safely operate their motorcycle. Should you be unable to pass their riding assessment you will be allowed to ride in the support vehicle. You would also be refunded the amount of money you paid to the rental operator. Bike Week Motorcycle Tour assists our customers in renting motorcycles from reputable rental dealers; we do not own or rent any of our own motorcycles. To date this has not been an issue we or our rental dealers have experienced.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.